Robot Packaging

Robot Packing Equipment

Robot Palletizer, LLC designs and manufactures vertical or horizontal loading systems designed to load a variety of packaged products directly into containers including: cases, crates, trays, and totes. We offer case and tray loading solutions that are compact, flexible and reliable. Our packers provide multiple secondary functions, including case inspection, product inspection, sorting and distribution, cutting and case coding.

Robot Palletizer, LLC's packaging systems utilize high-speed robots that are compact and require minimal installation space. Our systems use an advanced NX100 controller that features a Window CE programming pendant, fast processing, and an easy-to-use INFORM III programming language the Finest Tray and Case Packing Equipment


  • Widest working envelope in its class
  • Industry leading + 0.06 mm (+ 0.002") repeatability
  • Floor, wall, shelf, and ceiling-mounting options
  • Advanced Sigma motors provide powerful, slim design
  • Multiple robot control (up to four robots) simplifies programming and eliminates interference
  • Various grippers for variety of handling applications
  • Small footprint reduces floor space
  • Web server that allows remote monitoring and diagnosis (optional)

Robot Palletizing Systems

Robot Palletizer LLC designs standard and customized palletizing systems that can increase productivity and save you money. RP's modular design offers flexibility, high throughput, and simple operation. Our robot palletizing systems are flexible and can handle virtually any product, including single, dual or multiple parts, rigid or heavy cases, bags, newspapers, cartons cases, bundles, pallets, pails, totes or trayed products.

Our proven designs come with guaranteed handling rates and safety features that are both fast and reliable. We utilize four to six-axis Fanuc robotic arms in our systems due to their overall flexibility, user-friendly set-up, reliability and extensive service and parts network.

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