Key features

LAMINA series of sheet lines are designed for absolute ease of operation and are available in a host of configurations to suit individual customer's requirements with output ranging from 110 kg/hr to 1000 kg/hr, width ranging from 540 mm to 1400 mm, in single to five layer configuration for processing various polymers like PS, PP, PE and PET. Lamina rPET sheet line is a star performer suitable to process PET bottle flakes to produce sheet for various applications including thermoforming.

LAMINA incorporates advanced features like gravimetric blending / dosing, grooved / smooth feed barrier screw extruder, vented extruder, melt pump, continuous screen changer, independently driven vertical/horizontal/inclined polishing rolls stack, air knife, online thickness monitoring / controlling system, anti-static bath, sheet accumulator, Unitilt polishing roll stack for dual requirement of thick and thin sheets, in-line sheet cutter and dual turret winder based on end use. User friendly controllers and indicators located at various operating stations provide for ease in monitoring and control of various critical processing parameters.

Applications include thermoformable HIPS/PP/PET sheet for food packaging, blister packaging, automobile industry, laminated sheet, microwave ovenable PP/PET sheet, PP sheet of stationery files, folders and pouches etc.

Product Gallery

EVA Sheet Lines with 5 layer barrier
EVA Sheet Lines with 5 layer barrier with uni-tilt stacker
High Output 3 Layer rPET Sheet Line with Crystallizer
High Output Monolayer rPET Sheet Line
High Output Monolayer rPET Sheet Line with Inline Crystallizer
High Output 3 Layer PET Sheet Line with Accumulator
High Output 3 Layer PET Sheet Line with Changeable Winding Unit
High Output 3 PS PP PET Sheet Line with Melt Pump and Gravimetric System
High Output T Die with Melt Pump and Automatic Inline Hydraulic Screen Changer
Uni-tilt Stacker for Thin Thick Sheet

Application Gallery

Blister Packaging
EVA Table Mats
Files and Folders
Shadnet Film
General Packaging
Shoes Packaging
Shopping Bags
Thermoformable Sheet

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