For the producer of packaging materials particularly, in the sensitive perishable food and medical sectors, a number of attributes have to be embodied in the product according to the demands of the applications :

  • Interlayer adhesion
  • Heat seal-ability: no leakers.
  • Machine-ability: high speed packaging
  • Surface properties: easily printable
  • Physical strength: impact and puncture resistance
  • Balanced properties in the machine and transverse directions of the film
  • Controlled moisture vapor transmission rate (MVTR)
  • Controlled oxygen transmission rate (OTR)
  • Product resistance to acids, alcohols, vegetable oils etc.
  • No loss of nutrients, aroma and moisture
  • Heat sterilize-able (optional)
  • Opaqueness to UV light to reduce rancidity

Key features

LAMEX series of extrusion coating and lamination lines are designed for absolute ease of operation and are available in a host of configurations to suit individual customer's requirements for width range from 800 – 1600 mm, line speed from 250-400 m/min for coating & lamination of various substrates like CPP/BOPET/BOPP/LDPE and sealant films with a range of polymers – PP, LLDPE, LDPE, EVA, EMA and other exotic polymers.

LamEX lines are offered with different configurations of Mono-Extrusion Coating, Lamination Coating, Co - Extrusion Coating, Tandem or multistage extrusion coating. The extrusion coating process is an excellent method to combine a thin polymer layer, typically polyethylene with polyester, biaxially oriented polypropylene, paper based materials and aluminum foil.

  • Extrusion coating and laminating of film, paper and aluminum foils
  • Surface treatment by corona treating, chemical priming
  • Processing capabilities for LDPE, LLDPE, lonomer, PP, EVA, EMA, EVOH and others exotic polymers
  • Single and tandem automatic die stations, with or without co-extrusion
  • Co-extrusion using universal feed-block technology
  • Extruder size selected to meet process requirements for output and coating thickness


  • Aseptic packaging
  • Paper cup and plate stock
  • Decorative boxes
  • Cigarette boxes
  • Milk and juice cartons
  • PET food boxes
  • Snack food bags
  • Medical packaging
  • Condiment packs
  • Soup sachets
  • Toothpaste/pharma/tubes
  • Woven sacks

To meet the principal application of extrusion coating / lamination while mono Extruder is good enough, but for flexibility to play with various polymers, co-Extruders are more useful. Co-extruders save material cost and also play an important role in enhancing barrier properties of coated films.

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Extrusion Coating and Lamination
Extrusion Coating and Lamination

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Big Juice Pack
Milk Juice Cartons
Lamex Sacks
Thin Sachets
Thick Sachets
Soup Sachets
Plastic Packaging
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