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As a technology partner for polymer producers, developers, universities and processors - Rajoo has consistently followed impelling technological developments in plastics extrusion with its own new developments.
Rajoo has supplied 5 lab lines of various configurations to world's polymer giants like Reliance Industries & IOCL.

LabEX – Combo can be used as a laboratory line for testing and developing of new formulations and products, process and parameter control is of utmost significance. An innovative barrier sheet cum blown film line is one of its kinds in the whole world. This combo line consists of four extruders, screen changers, melt pumps, flat sheet die, Universal Co ex Five Layer blown film die head UCD® and fully automatic touch screen based integrated process control panel to give an output of up to 75 kg/hr. of co extruded barrier sheets or films.

The machine operates either as a sheet line or as a blown film line. Extruders are common to both the set ups. A novel system easily converts the line from blown film extrusion to sheet extrusion set up and vice versa. The line is designed to produce HIPS, EVOH and PP sheets of up to 650mm width in a thickness range from 0.2 mm to 0.8 mm and barrier blown films of PE, PA, EVOH from 25 to 100 micron.

Rajoo has also developed world's smallest 3 layer blown film line(LabEX – Nano) to give an in-depth understanding of how various resins, their % and process conditions affect high output blown film production and properties using a small amount of resin and less power consumption which finally leads to very low operational cost.

Though being smallest in the world, this lab line contains all the assemblies and features of a high‐tech 3layer blown film line like barrier screw, concentric spiral co‐ex die, oscillating haul off, IBC, servo drives and touch screen control which reduce the power consumption to a great extent. LabEX - Nano – 3 layer blown film line can produce thermoplastic film of thickness from 8 to 100 microns, widths of 40 to 250mm in continuous length rolls.

LabEX produces thermoplastic film and sheets to understand a variety of key functions like:

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